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Marion Ellis helps surveyors navigate the business journey that’s right for them, empowering Women In Surveying along the way. I worked closely with Marion to create her visual brand and social media graphics, whilst Marion worked with a third party web builder to have her website created. However, whilst the web builder could create her website pages, he was unable to make it ‘feel’ like Marion’s new Love Surveying brand so that’s where I stepped in.

I designed the layout for each page of Marion’s new website as PDFs, adding in the relevant graphics and branded elements to give the website a beautiful flow and make it communicate her brand seamlessly. Marion was then able to give these PDFs, and the web ready custom graphics, to her web builder who could then implement the design. You can see the final result here.

Webpage PDF Blueprints for Love Surveying<br />
Webpage PDF Blueprints for Love Surveying<br />
Jill Pryor Design
Marion Ellis founder of Love Surveying

“You have been such a wonderful support Jill, I love it, thank you so much!”

Marion Ellis – Founder of Love Surveying

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