The Aphantasia Coach and Academy Branding


The Aphantasia Coach & Academy Branding

Sassy Smith is a life coach, trainer and aphant.

“With a sprinkling of Sassy dust you’ll gain clarity and the confidence to step into the life you’ve always wanted but could never visualise.”

Sassy needed help creating a visual brand identity which would connect deeply with her brand strategy. She needed visuals for both her coaching and academy platforms which felt connected yet different and appeal to two different audiences. Jill worked closely with Sassy at every step of the branding process to make sure that Sassy could actually see on screen how her branding was progressing as she was unable to visualise in her mind what she wanted. She also created a set of on-brand Canva templates for Sassy to use on her social media.

The Aphantasia Coach Branding
The Aphantasia Academy Branding<br />
Jill Pryor Design
Sassy Smith

“Jill brilliantly guided me and interpreted my blind mind, almost as if she could see through the darkness. It’s been a really wonderful experience working with her. If you haven’t nailed your branding yet, or just fancy a change, I cannot recommend her highly enough. All in all, it has been a really great experience.”

Sassy Smith – Founder of The Aphantasia Coach and the Aphantasia Academy 

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“If you’re at the start of your business, need a rebrand or simply want a brand tidy up, then let’s chat about how I could help you.”