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It’s so lovely you’re here. If you listened to the end of the Life-Friendly Business podcast episode I did with Erin Thomas Wong then you deserve my Mini Brand Roots Workbook as a special gift from me! And if you’d like to join my Brand, Canva & Design Tips email list (once it’s up and running!) then please let me know on the simple form at the bottom of this page.

Jill Pryor Design Mini Brand Roots Workbook
Jill Pryor Design

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Jill Pryor

If you’d like to recieve Brand, Canva & Design tips and musing via a monthly email, then let me know in the form below.

Simply type your name, email and ADD ME (or similar!) into the message field and I’ll add you to my list and email you when I’m all set to go.

I look forward to sharing my design and branding tips with you!

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