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Hi, I’m Jill and I’m on a mission to help passionate entrepreneurs and small business owners, like you, feel confident about your brand by creating designs you can’t wait to share





Jill Pryor Design

Your business. Your passion.

If you’re like most of the clients I work with, you’re passionate about what you do and are committed to making things happen.

Jill Pryor Designer

But when you find yourself wasting hours fiddling in Canva or feeling frustrated because the thing you want to happen is being blocked by the need for design, then something’s got to change.

You have the ideas tumbling around your head; you just need someone to help you turn them into reality.

Perhaps you’re not yet at the stage where you can justify employing a designer full time, or you need a little extra support. Having someone you can work with as and when you need them will help you grow your business.

I know from experience how not having the right support around you can hold you back and I want to  use my skills to help you flourish.

Jill Pryor Design
Gina Smith Create Visual Aids

“I honestly couldn’t be happier with what Jill has created for me. My business now has a clear, unique set of visuals and my customers are delighted with how these images are helping their children to communicate. Thank you, Jill, for bringing my dream to reality.”

Gina Smith – Founder of Create Visual Aids

Steph Lee - Founder of Heron Wellness

“These designs are exceptional and brought tears to my eyes this afternoon. You are such a talented person and you have really embodied my business and brand messages in all that you have created for Heron Wellness. Thank you so much for your visionary creativity.”

Steph Lee – Founder of Heron Wellness

Sassy Smith - The Aphantasia Coach

“Jill brilliantly guided me and interpreted my blind mind, almost as if she could see through the darkness. It’s been a really wonderful experience working with her. If you haven’t nailed your branding yet I cannot recommend her highly enough. ”

Jill Pryor Design

I take the time to understand the very heart of your business

Design, whether it’s for a brand identity, website or marketing collateral, should be infused with strategy.

Jill Pryor Designer

Why? Because the visual look and feel of your brand is an integral part of how you communicate and connect with your ideal customers.

I believe design should be a beautiful partnership with your messaging, with both visuals and words acting together as a magnet to draw the right people into your world.

That’s why, when I work with my clients on their visual brand design, we always dig far deeper than the colours and fonts they like.

We look at;

  • Brand personality and who they want to work with
  • The transformation they deliver
  • How they want people to feel after they have worked/brought from them

Unless you have clarity about the very essence of who you are, who you want to serve and what your business actually means to people, how can you even begin to choose how your visual brand or marketing should look?

“Becoming an integral remote part of my client’s teams and continuing to support them long after we’ve completed their visual brand design lights me up and gives my creativity real purpose.”

Jill Pryor Design

Bespoke, hand drawn design converted into digital illustration

Everything I design is unique and crafted to reflect each of my client’s brands and needs.

Jill Pryor Designer

When I was seven, my late Grandma taught me how to draw a tree. It was a beautiful summers day and I’ll never forget the whoosh of zingy feelings I had when I finally ‘got it’.

I’ve been immersed in creativity ever since.

Now, with over twenty five years design experience, including eighteen working as a designer in the arts & crafts industry, and freelancing since 2017, I’ve been fortunate to have worked on a wide variety of design briefs.

Each and every client is special and I am commited to working closely with you to help you achieve that same zingy feeling and help you create a brand you’re proud to shout about!

Jill Pryor Design Signature
Jill Pryor Design
Marion Ellis - Love Surveying

“Thank you so much Jill for being an amazing designer and bringing the vision of my brand to life.”

Marion Ellis – Founder of Love Surveying

Niki Kinghorn  – Director of MerlinVet Holdings

“You always go the extra mile and put so much detail and thought into it, we are really happy with it all!”

Niki Kinghorn – Director of MerlinVet Holdings

Louise Brogan - LinkedIn Specialist

“Jill was very professional, offered lots of options, was happy to get feedback and enjoyable to work with. Thanks Jill!”

Louise Brogan LinkedIn Consultant

Jill Pryor Design


Self Selection for Animals Branding

Self Selection for Animals Branding